Bus Stations for Adelaide Avenue?

As a frequent bus user travelling from Woden to Civic, I have often thought about the benefits of having bus stops on the Adelaide Avenue corridor near Curtin, Hughes, Deakin and Yarralumla.

The Blue Rapid (300) service provides great coverage on this corridor, with buses running every 5-7 minutes during the day, yet if you live, work or go to school near the corridor, you can’t take advantage of this high frequency service.

The ACT Labor Government is currently investigating options to build bus stations along Adelaide Avenue and Yarra Glen as a way to improve people’s transport choices along the corridor. The options are for stations or stops at Carruthers Street bridge, Novar Street/Kent Street bridge and Hopetoun Circuit overpass.


Initial consultation took place in February this year.  You can view the options released for comment and the public consultation report here.   There was strong support for the idea from a majority of people who had their say.

In the next few weeks further public consultation will take place asking for feedback on possible designs for each site.  Stay tuned for further details.

This work is an important part of ACT Labor’s Transport for Canberra Plan, as we work to improve transport choices for our community.



1 thought on “Bus Stations for Adelaide Avenue?

  1. I don’t think bus stations on Adelaide Ave are a good idea, as they would slow down the time it takes for 300 series buses to travel between Woden and Civic, and interfere with the relatively smooth flow of traffic in the corridor.

    If the problem this seeks to solve is that residents of Yarralumla, Deakin etc don’t have fast bus routes to take them to and from Civic or Woden, surely an easier solution would be to provide them with a more frequent, less circuitous bus route than at present. This would bring similar benefits without disadvantaging existing 300 bus users, and would negate the need for locals to have to walk, cross and wait on a busy road, not to mention significant up front infrastructure costs involved in constructing the bus stops.

    The other issue is that the bus stops would make the residential streets of Yarralumla, Deakin and Curtin very attractive to park and ride commuters seeking quick access to the 300 network from nearby areas, such as Weston Creek (which has woeful bus services – something the govt fails to address year after year, despite a population much larger than Yarralumla, Deakin and Curtin combined). This would increase traffic and parking problems in at times already overstretched streets.

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