Driving down property crime

Property crime, like burglary and car theft are the types of crimes most likely to affect Canberrans.   This is why ACT Labor has made tackling property crime a priority.

Following a direction from me to the Chief Police Officer a special ACT Policing team has been established to prevent, detect and prosecute property crime offences.

The result speak for themselves, in the 12 months to March this year, burglary has dropped by 25%, and car theft by 27%.   This means 100’s fewer homes being burgled and 100’s fewer cars stolen.   Even more significantly, the ACT’s motor vehicle theft rate has fallen below the Australian average for the first time in over a decade.

These are great results for our community and my thanks go to the hard-working ACT Policing officers for their dedicated efforts at keeping our community safe.

Labor has plans to build on these results.   Our new Property Crime Reduction Strategy targets a further 10% reduction in burglary and 20% in car theft by 2015.   You can find out more about the new strategy here.



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